Wednesday, 2 November 2011

She Hulk

I wasn't going to post this today but I guess I couldn't resist it...Sunday's post may be a little sparse as a result! Any way, here is She-Hulk and she's going primal:

Click the Pic!

I am quite happy with her in general but her face isn't as pretty as I would have liked.

I thought that her wavy hair didn't suit this sculpt so I back-combed it and gave it more body so it added to the RAAARRGGGHHH effect of her.

I was never going to sculpt her as a glamour girl, I just didn't think that aspect of her comic persona suited my image of what she should be...hence, she is a bit more bumpy than her comic book pix. She is a Grymn Super-Soldier remember!

See you from the big chair!


superherofigurehunter said...

More great work; I have said it before, but I love this project.

If you ever want to expand it in new ways, you could do worse than look at one of the alternative Marvel Universes (Ultimate Marvel or MC2 especially come to mind).

Deadestdai said...

That girl has some serious abs action going on. I'd run away in terror, 3' 2" tall or not! :)

Hulk is ugly furious, why not She-Hulk too? I wouldn't worry about the face, she looks mean and angry and that's what she's supposed to be.