Thursday, 20 October 2011

The same...but different.

Seeing as I have a fairly decent sculpt that had no direction in life, I decided to take it to super-school and give it a new outlook on life. With my super-soldier program, I have limited myself to those heroes that could be explained away with super-serums and science. With this venture I have no such limitations. I have decided that a new super-hero group was in order and that it could include aliens and strangeness... welcome Morg of 'The Star League'

Click the Pic!

He has unlimited strength and endurance and can vary his mass to make him super dense or as light as a feather. He can't fly but when he reduces his mass, he can leap vast distances.

It makes sense that there is more than one member of The Star League so I have been looking through some of my stored items and have found a couple of sculpts that can be brought into service. The first of these is Sharrak, leader and genius of the group:

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He will be a light weight brawler with super speed and fast healing. He is fully aquatic and can move just as fast under water.

The beauty of this one is that he is fully sculpted and can be painted straight away. The next couple are a bit less finished so will need a bit of work...but it finishes old projects whilst filling the slots in a new one.

See you from a black hole...


Anonymous said...

Oh, man! I just love this! Cross the Green Lantern Core with Alien Legion!

Can't wait to see what else you do.

Inso said...

The next one (after Sharrak) will be a bit of a departure from small stature fact...he's purely and simply a complete departure full stop!

Lord Siwoc said...

Do you make commisions? These are really great!!

Inso said...

I have taken commissions before...but they kill my muse and at the moment, I don't want that to happen.

Soapy said...

Awesome! Looking forward to the rest of these guys.