Saturday, 27 August 2011

Levelling off.

Welcome to Spifferson, the newest traveller to join Inso's World. I hope you find something here to whet your appetite!

Well, it seems that things are improving over at the hospital and my son is getting a bit I am staring to think that he will be home at some point this coming week. That will be a weight off every-bodies mind, I can tell you!

There are times when you are made brutally aware of what is really important in life and when something like this happens, it is definitely an eye-opener. I am just glad that we appear to be out of the woods now.

What have I been up to (apart from the daily hospital run and staying over-night)?

I have been doing a small amount of shopping and have bought another 8 Agarix from Hasslefree Miniatures. While ordering those, I bought a couple of Grymn to replace the ones I borrowed for my Enforcer gang. They were taken from my urban army box and were part of sorted squads so it is nice to get things back to the way they were with complete platoons rather than having a couple of troops missing. One day soon, I will start the cleaning/assembly/painting regime on those...but I have been a LOT distracted recently.

Mushrooms have been on my mind a lot lately too. NO, I haven't been smoking them...I have been thinking about putting together more troops for the Mushroom Men From Outer Space army (hence the Agarix purchase). I have also been sculpting another character model. He is a sort of 'heavy weapon' trooper but will be unique in the army. He has a special spore-launcher and is already fleshed out on the wire so he will be finished as soon as I can get the time to have a bit of sculpting action.

I saw THIS and thought what a nice little model it was. I knew that my son has a bunch of Robogear stuff in his room and had a look through...but he didn't have that particular model so I have visited E-Bay and now have one on the way from Russia. I am hoping that it will fit nicely with my plans and that a pair of Grymn will fit snugly in the cockpit. If that is the case...Raven Squadron will finally reach fruition...if not, then I'll have to wait until some other option pops up out there on the WWW.

Well...that is me for now. Updates will still be a bit infrequent for a short while but I can't see things being disrupted for too much longer.


See you under, over, back and through :) !


Spifferson said...

Wow thanks, a personal welcome. I picked a bit of a downer time to join but great to hear that your son's condition is improving.

I joined after impulse buying a cheap lot of Grymn recently and am thinking about putting them to work in 40k. At the moment I am leaning towards Imperial Guard and am trying to build up a small force with a budget in mind. I am thinking of using the Pig Iron tanks and might be ordering a pair of condors to go along with them.

Inso said...

Cheers :).

Sounds good to me :).

I generally use the IG list for Grymn in WH40k because there is a bit more scope for mass armies. Failing that, for smaller forces, you could use Space Marine scouts instead (although a bit limiting) or even Inquisitor Witch-Hunters (storm troopers etc).

The Pig Iron tanks are massive so be aware that the Grymn may look a bit tiny next to them...but the Pig-Iron tanks are pretty scale-free so it shouldn't be a problem.

I'm looking forward to seeing what we both manage with the condors...I think they will be pretty cool (and I expect to see pix of yours when it is finished ;) ).

Anonymous said...

Good to hear your son's improving. Hope he recovers soon!

Spifferson said...

Thanks for the info on the Pig Iron tanks I may be reconsidering that part. My grymn are still in the mail so I wasn't sure on how well they would scale with any transports.

Old crow is an option of course but I also found and I really like the 8 wheeled modern LAV vehicles and with 3 variants there is enough room to fill out the IG chimera options. It is a switch to a more modern theme so I will have to rethink my head swaps I had planned.

Likely I will have pile of grymn that I slowly work on and by the time I am finished my main armies will be back on top in 40k. :)