Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Angels high!

I was awoken this afternoon with cup of tea and a parcel from Russia (with some nice stamps on it). Sometimes, night-shifts aren't so bad :).

The parcel was a little squashed but inside, was a fully intact model kit of a Condor for the Robogear game. I haven't really had a good look at it but it looks quite chunky and usable so we'll have to see what I come up will need an undercarriage building for it and it will need to be repeatable so it will have to be fairly simple. I will be putting wheels on it (so that it can taxi without having to hover) so I'll need to source some of those...but there is definitely some potential there.

A bit of an edit is the box:

Click the Pic!

...and here is a scale pic with a 28mm Human and a Grymn:

Click the Pic!

O.K. ...I've kept you in suspense about the 15mm I'll put you out of your misery. It is from Critical Mass Games and I will happily say that, for a smaller scaled item, the detail is very crisp and the models themselves will make a perfect addition to a larger scaled army. It is proof that smaller scale doesn't mean less effort in the detail department.

...of course...I'm not saying exactly what I've got until I have decided where they will end up although they may get to be in their own army but will likely fit in with one or two of my other projects. I am quite happy pottering along with them so there will be pix of at least three of them by the weekend.

I am starting to get back to a certain amount of normality. It isn't very often that I get too emotional but over the last couple of weeks I have re-discovered what is important in life so I am awaiting the big sigh that will unwind me. My son is at home and eating like someone possessed! He is still wobbly but his stoic character is returning to him and he is almost back to his former, cheeky self (although he will need to put on a lot more weight to get back to his normal skinny as THAT was!). I am back at work and am on nights for this week so I am a bit done-in and am having to get back into the swing of things.

Life is full of opportunities.

See you over the plains of Mars!


Dan said...

Looks nice, would work well with 15mm too.

comstar said...

As Dan has said should work well with 15mm. I know you are reluctant to show off your 15mm stuff form CMG but do you have any other ones to put near the drop-ship for size purposes:)
Glad your life is getting back to normal:)
Cheers Matt

Inso said...

Cheers Matt :) .

Unfortunately, I don't have any 15mm troops, just vehicles and stuff...but I'll see if I can sort something out with a ruler/ cardboard trooper to give some idea of 15mm scale.

comstar said...

Thanks for that :)