Sunday, 24 July 2011

A rollercoaster week.

I will be the first to say what a week of highs and lows I have had.

The very sad news that a friend from the Forum of Doom had died.

The celebration of the Royal Air Force Puma HC1's 40 years of service.

The complete wipe-out that the following day was...

...but I can safely say that my hobby has kept me grounded this week. Through all the ups and downs of life, painting and sculpting will always be the same and that has been a boon at a time where I don't know whether I am coming or going!

I must admit that I have not managed to do any sculpting this week but I have managed to paint the three APCs I assembled last week:

Click the Pic!

They will sit very nicely next to their mech and troop units and look quite splendid in a block together with the other APCs. As you can see, these three have a missile launcher instead of guns in the turret. They are destined for basic infantry units so I wanted a more standard approach to their weaponry that could take out infantry and tanks alike.

This week I succumbed to the lure of shopping and have received 4 more APCs from Scotia Grendel; ready for introduction into the Tunnel Fighter army. They are the last 4 I need for the troops I have...but I will need to think about transport for my K9, Medic and Drone units...also the high command unit (once it is finished). I have ideas for some of the vehicles but the big guys will cause me a little more trouble, I fear.

I have also bought a Star Wars 'Republic Gunship' and a small stealth fighter from Model Zone. The Gunship was reduced to £9-99 so I really couldn't help myself. Unfortunately, the stealth fighter was a bit small for my purposes but it is always good for the bits box.

Finally, I am in the bidding for something cool from E-Bay...we'll see whether I am lucky in that or not...

Onto other things...I celebrated HARD on the 40th anniversary of Pumas. I met people I hadn't seen for years, threw away my diet for the evening and pulled out the metaphorical pin of my grenade as I partied hard and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I may have been a little over-excited but I really hope that people didn't feel too put out by my hyper-activity (especially dancing at the gig...). Some times it is good to really let your hair down and the following day proved that I had done just that :) .

For any one out there who knew Gareth Sutherwood (AKA Grekwood), here is a link to his just giving page:

Let's bump up the levels a bit, eh?

Banana Time!

See you though reflective sunglasses!

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