Thursday, 9 June 2011

So...what makes a Space Dwarf?

I thought that I may have a go at sculpting a 28mm scale Space Dwarf.

It may not happen immediately...but the idea is there.

So...if you could buy the perfect Space Dwarf, what would it look like and what weapons/equipment would it have?

Would it be more like a Grymn, or more like a fat, chunky fantasy Dwarf with a big bushy beard?

Would it have a uniform or just 'appropriate clothing' a mercenary?

I am talking about a standard trooper so nothing too extreme...armour no heavier than plate/carapace (no powered armour just yet).

Feel free to comment :) .


Sergeant Crunch said...

I'm partial to Hasslefree's space dwarves. You get that they're dwarves in space without the beards and other stereotypical fantasy dwarf "stuff." Some excellent poses out of the range as well.

Lasgunpacker said...

More like a fantasy dwarf than like the Grymm, so bigger beard, rotund, etc.

That said, what he's wearing and equiped with are also interesting questions.

Draxius said...

I myself am pro-beard, and seeing I am leaning towards the industrial side more than wanting rank and file troops....I guess a mercenary or worker like look. If it turns out alright you realize I must have one for my army right?

Good luck!

Dr. Willett's Workshop said...

For me, it's got to be a bearded Bob Olley type mercenary looking, slighlty fat and grumpy. I do like the grymm but they don't fit that well with all the other ranges.

Dan said...

I have 2 ideas, Grymn like, as in high tech armour/weapons, and fit looking, but with beards, my reasoning - high tech because even in fantasy they are the high tech types, fit because, its the modern age of armies, so they would be trained like any other soldier, beards, because that is a racial/cultural tradition and should be kept, plenty of human armies/soldiers sport beards.
the second idea is dwarves who look, dressed and equiped like modern bearded special forces types that we are getting accustomed to in our modern armies, good luck with this.

Brandlin said...

a mummy space dwarf and a daddy space dwarf...

Inso said...

Please keep commenting...I am reading them all and finding a path :).

I won't add any comments because I don't want to taint anyone's ideas.

Thank you to those who have commented so far.

Anonymous said...

Space dwarf to me look like the Squats in rogue trader.