Tuesday, 19 April 2011


50,000 hits and counting!

Welcome to the newest traveller to Inso's World, Dave Adams! Hope you enjoy your stay and find at least a small amount of something to inspire you.

I have a bit of a confession...I haven't touched any hobby stuff since Salute. I think it is a bit of a case of saturation from all the new toys and tiredness.

The Grymn medics are still waiting for some work but they may take a back seat to building the last 5 mecha. Once they are all built, all of the pilots can be sculpted along with the bits and pieces on the medics.

I am trying to decide where to put my new robots (The Protolene robots from Critical Mass Games)...do they go with the Grymn? Do they go with the Necrons? Do they join the Starship Crew? Or do they become enemies for the Grymn?

I have had a chance to look through the little box of 15mm stuff and to say that I have been well and truly spoilt is an understatement... aerial drones... hover vehicles... bikes... tanks... APCs... artillery... and more besides! I am formulating plans and conversions as I type.

So much to think about...and don't get me started on the motorcycle I have sat in the garden slowly returning to mother earth...I must get her back on the road.

See you through a hay-fever sufferers eyes.


Anonymous said...

Is that 5,000 or 50,000?

Inso said...

...suitably corrected...;)