Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I've had to really tone down the amount of STUFF I am working on in order for me to actually get something done. I have been converting the Destroyers, building a Lord, building a Tomb Spider and trying to paint the existing Beetle-Bots. It got to a point where I was saturated so I stopped everything and focused on painting the Beetle-Bots. I still need to paint the bases but here are the first 12 Beetle-Bots:

Click the Pic!

I plan on putting a few more together and getting them all painted...then I'll put on some markings. I am thinking of getting some very tiny decals for numbers and little white stars. I reckon a number on the rear of one shoulder with a star on the other...maybe another star either on the head or chest...

...So I went to Hobby-Craft and bought some big wooden dolls-heads and have commenced building a proxy Tomb Spider. It isn't going to hover but instead, will stamp heavily across the battlefield. I am going to build 3 and they will all be different...a bit like character models :).

The Lord is progressing nicely. I've used the larger torso from a Destroyer to make him look more also means he is quite a bit taller than the usual Beetle-Bots. I am in the process of beefing up his legs and I hope to have some pix of him by tomorrow evening...if I can get my backside in gear!

The Destroyers have just sat there...but looking on the bright side, my parcel turned up today so I have the rest of the Destroyers to go into the mix. I have assembled the third of the basic Destroyers so I will get that one to the same standard as the other two before I go too mad with them...then I can work on all three in the vain hope that I can get them to look the same.

The remaining two Destroyers will be a heavy Destroyer and a Destroyer Lord. Should be interesting :).

See you across the frozen tundra!


The Angry Lurker said...

Those Beetle-Bots look excellent.

Inso said...

Cheers :) .

They are one of those conversions that are pretty easy to do and look quite natural when they are finished. Definitely one of my hits (as opposed to so many misses!).