Sunday, 12 December 2010

It'll soon be holiday time...

Sundays are coming around far too quickly at the moment but to kick off this update, I'd like to welcome our newest follower; David Terian. Welcome to Inso's World and I hope you find something of use in amongst all the other stuff.

This week has been very similar to the one before and I have been pretty slow with hobby activity again. In fact, if Monkey hadn't helped out, I wouldn't have had anything to show off this week! As it stands, I only have one picture for you...a group of Dvarg:

Click the Pic!

Now I know it isn't a lot...but it is all I have had the enthusiasm for. I couldn't see the point in taking more pix because I want to save that for when the heavy is watch this space for a small amount of progress at some point.

This coming week at work is one of mixed be honest I would call it a complete 'dick-dance'. I'm starting at different times and finishing late...I have a few compulsory PT sessions (including one in fancy dress...), a few meetings and a lot of work to prep everything for the holidays. I am also having to go into work during the holiday (which, to be honest, has REALLY narked me) so my mind is completely elsewhere at the moment.

As a result of all the nonsense, I have had trouble sleeping and am pretty much burnt out...I can only hope that things will improve once I know what the hell is going on at work.

I have seen something awesome...a kit of such awesomeness that it has got me thinking...

Maybe it is time for some 'big stuff'...

See you through the red mist!

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