Sunday, 17 October 2010


Another week has flown by and it is time for a Sunday update again. I would love to say that I have started another project or sculpted something new...but this week has been a bit of a consolidation week. For starters, I have been systematically varnishing this lot and they are now varnished, ready to go into storage:

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They are my Urban Grymn...a platoon of jump-pack assault troops. Once I had varnished them, I moved onto the next little job that has been sat in my cupboard for desert Tyranids. These needed basing and that is what I did:

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The Warriors (big ones) and Gaunts (medium sized ones) just needed the bases painting but the Rippers (smallest ones) needed to have their bases made from scratch.

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As you can see in the pic above, each of the Ripper bases has three Rippers on it. If you look at the pic on the far right above, you will see a Ripper lying on it's side; showing off the little magnet that holds it onto it's base. Each of the bases have magnets in them and each ripper has one on it's bottom; that means that they are removable so that each time the base receives a wound, one can be removed to represent also means that I can make another batch of single bases if I need to change them onto individual bases for some reason.

Next up is a selection of Gaunts. These are Termagants with Genestealer claws:

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The next two pics show the Hormagaunts:

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Once these are varnished, the only troops on my painting shelf will be my Tunnel Fighters.

You may ask why I have been plodding along with this stuff. Well, I have had a torrid time with sleep and after I attempted to do a spot of sculpting, I not only dropped the mini a dozen times but also managed to stick the sculpting tool into my I thought I needed to work on something simple. That has led to me sorting out my cupboard and finishing off all of my basing/varnishing. I have also packed away my Temperate Grymn army into my new miniatures case from Kaiser Rushforth...which leaves space in it's previous case for the Nids to go into :).

It is all terribly logical when you look at it. Marines...Tunnel Fighters...varnishing...


See you over the pulpit!


The Angry Lurker said...

Very nice,keep up the good work.

Bagpuss said...

Nice force shot. Any chance of a close-up of the big stompy robot thing?

Inso said...

If you copy and paste this lot into your browser, you'll see the big pic:

It is a converted Bauhaus Vulkan battlesuit from the extinct Warzone range...the same mech that is in my Tunnel Fighter army :).

Tony said...

Great paint scheme on the Tyranids. Well done.