Sunday, 29 August 2010

Take me home, country road...

At last, the ordeal is over! simple terms, my time in Kenya is drawing to a close with my trip home starting tomorrow.

Tonight we are all having a BBQ and a couple of celebratory drinks after what has been a very interesting 6 weeks.

Speaking of interesting, I have just returned from a 4 day excursion to a forward operating base to try to fix a poorly helicopter. It was very hot, very sweaty and very hard work...15hour days were worked...but unfortunately, we ran out of time and had to hand over to the next people to arrive in Kenya. While we were there we were living in a nice air conditioned tent and had showers and toilets available to us.

The drive up to the FOB was about 7 hours after a small detour due to getting a little bit confused on the way...but we were quicker on the way back; taking only 5 hours...

The terrain was partly tarmac, partly gravel and partly a 4 ton truck with a bumpy and slow were the names of the games...still good fun though.

On the trip, we saw Ostrich, Zebra, Dik-dik, a big Eagle of some description, Camels, Hares and even the odd lizard...but Elephants or Giraffes...

well...that's me...I'm off to finish packing and then I'm off to eat some BBQ meat of some description...anyone for Zebra?

See you through the dusty heat haze!

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