Friday, 16 July 2010

Erik 'The Bear' Freyasson

I started this sculpt/conversion yesterday. He is based on a Gustav (a Grymn from Hasslefree) with one of the human 'conversion' heads (again from Hasslefree), a little plastic rod and some Green Stuff. His name is Erik Freyasson, Chief of the military staff and a member of the Grymn high council...He is known to those around him (especially in military circles) as 'The Bear':

Click the Pic!

I quite enjoyed sculpting this one because it has taken my mind off the real world. There are things I would have done better if I had more time (the pose is a bit stiff and the hands are a bit big) but overall, for a couple of hours worth of putty-pushing, I'm happy with him. Once he is painted up he will be a worthy leader for any of my Grymn armies.

So there you have it! Decided to do this one yesterday, started it mid afternoon and finished it approximately a day later. Can't be bad, can it?

Just as a point of interest, the Gustav miniature I based this one on was already in a state of disrepair...he was part converted into a Grymn 'Ironman'...but I thought The bear was a more pressing subject, so ripped off the head and arms and started all over again.

Please feel free to comment on the end product...he'll be going for paint once he is dry.

See you through the fog of injustice!


Anonymous said...

Noooooo! Don't paint him! Get him cast up!

Inso said...

He isn't good enough for casting up but will look OK once painted.

Thanks for the vote of confidence though :).

I'll be making a few others at some point...maybe one of those will be good enough to cast...who knows?