Tuesday, 22 June 2010

I'm literally on a roll...

I have had such a fun day at work, I felt the need to share.

I generally enjoy my job and although the work can be frustrating, tiring and inconvenient at times it really is a job that offers plenty of work satisfaction...however, there are days when I have to attend training courses and on the whole they tend to be tedious...


I was attending a course today and it wasn't tedious or boring...it was awesome.

I went to an off road training area and learned how to drive a Landrover up and down gradients you wouldn't believe. I have driven around banked turns that seemed impossible, over terrain so rutted you'd think the vehicle would beach...but it didn't....I have had a really great day at work!

The instructor drove around with me as a passenger to start with; showing me how the vehicle behaved and showing me the right and wrong way to do things. We then swapped seats and I drove the way I was shown...then I was allowed to go solo and potter around the course at my leisure; practising what I had learned.

I am now confident that I can handle a Landrover through the toughest of terrain, sort out stalls, get out of ruts and generally use the vehicle to the extent of it's ability.

I must admit that I was approaching today's course with a lot of trepidation...but the calmness of the instructor and his continuous commentary as we drove around the training area, really helped to relax me to a point where I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

That is another tick in the box for going to Kenya...and a fun one it was too :).

See you through the dust cloud!

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