Sunday, 20 June 2010

Good afternoon...and thanks for all the fish.

Hello again, it is time for another little update but before I start, I'd like to wish all of the dads out there a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY (especially my Dad).

It has been a very strange week for me. Odd working patterns, inoculations, expected working weekends that don't happen, work colleagues having unexpected tantrums, not working late on Friday...the list goes on and on...and don't get me started about the football!

...I get home on Friday and am met by two angry souls who are upset about the football match on the TV. Who gets it in the neck? Me. I have now threatened to bin the TV if it happens again...and they wonder why I despise the English national game :( seems to turn civilised people into raging animals.

Aaaannnnyyyy way...onto the hobby stuff and unfortunately, I haven't finished the secret project yet but what I will do is update this post a bit later with some pix as I am not far off getting it done.

So...what next?...Oh yes, I almost forgot...I've FINALLY finished my Urban Grymn, assault platoon! I am so happy I could cry...why? Because I don't have to paint any more tiny little squares again! Here are a few pix to show off the support and command sections along with the rest of the platoon:

Click the Pic!

And here is what I have finished so far:

Click the Pic!

Please bear in mind that these have been on the WIP pile for over a year now so I am completely over the moon that I have finally finished them.

So what now for the Urban Grymn? I am planning to start putting together the ground forces (which I already have in my CUPBOARD OF DOOM!!!) but there are a few issues to sort out before I start painting:

1. There are a lot of little conversions that need to be done
2. I haven't decided on a paint-scheme for them yet...I AIN'T PAINTING ANY MORE SQUARES!
3. I haven't worked out whether to base them first or work out a way to paint them on pins
4. Do I have the enthusiasm to start on 'the next big thing' before I go to Kenya?

I think that I will dig out a couple of spare Grymn and get a few test-schemes painted to help me decide which direction the painting will go...only this time I will be keeping it very simple, with NO camouflage pattern. They will be plain but in a camouflaged colour rather than pattern...a bit like grey coats for a grey environment. I am determined that the ground forces won't be kept in limbo for as long as the assault platoon was.

So look out for a couple of test schemes being shown off here.

I have been assembling a track-unit for one of the tunnel fighter's transports and although it has turned out slightly larger than I thought it would, it will still work okay. It is still very much in the 'turn it around and around whilst staring at it' stage so it may change or may not...hence, I don't think it is worth putting pix up at the moment.

The joys of Honda. I decided to give my bike a try the other day. I charged the battery but did nothing else... I didn't even drain the fuel and put fresh in...two pokes on the start button and it purred into life! 18 months without any attention and it started after two attempts! That is the beauty of Japanese engineering. Continuing on the bike theme, I have now got some new fork seals and a front brake disc so I can start work getting the bike back on the road again. I can't guarantee it will be before going to Kenya but at least I have the bits for when I get the motivation.

I am GUTTED that Rossi isn't in Moto GP at the moment...'The Doctor' has been sidelined by the doctors! There is some irony there but it doesn't impress me :(.

So...another day, another day closer to the grave ;)...I'll pop back later to edit this post with pix of my SECRET PROJECT!

As promised...the secret project:

Click the Pic!

I guess our teddy bear friend has been caught by the security robots and is about to be INCARCERATED!!!

See you through the beaded curtains!


Brendan Mayhugh said...

I'd love to get my hands on the new daleks but Dr. Who Adventures doesn't ship to the US. The paint scheme you did are amazing!

Inso said...

Thanks :).

It is a real shame that the mag isn't available away from the UK because these plastic DALEKs have generated a huge amount of talk among wargamers.

I wish I'd known how popular they would become because I would have bought all of the issues on the rack to pass on to other gamers...

...I'll know next time.

Brendan Mayhugh said...

I wanted to see if they had any of those daleks in back order so I might get some that way (and the mag, if need be), but as soon as I said I was overseas, communincation pretty much stopped.