Sunday, 2 May 2010

A Late Sunday Update...

Before I start, I'd like to welcome Josh and Chris to Inso's World! Welcome aboard and I hope you both enjoy the crazy trip! is very late and I haven't updated yet. Well calm down, I'm doing it now! I have been desperately trying to finish the dog handler miniatures but have been unable to get them based yet...I'll keep you in suspense no longer:

Click the Pic!

What I have done is swap each left arm with one from a Torsten miniature (Grymn in powered armour from Hasslefree Miniatures). I have then removed the gun and replaced it with a small screen from a GW Sentinel joystick and added a little GS to finish. The helmet swap was the same as the rest but I needed to join the arm with the armour so I added a large pad and some corrugated joints to make it work. The 'dogs' are Mini Mawes from Hasslefree Miniatures. The Mini Mawes come with integral bases so I hollowed out three resin bases from Fenris Games, glued the Mawes and their handlers in place and then filled the bases with GS. I will be finishing the bases tomorrow.

As you will have noticed, the Mini Mawes don't have any ears or eyes. How do you get a creature like that to do what you want? Well, I've decided that the device in the handler's hand is a sonic oscillator. The little red dot on the front is a laser pointer. The handler puts the laser dot where he wants to target and then fires the sonic oscillator which causes a trail of vibrations that the Mini Mawes can follow. The handlers have armoured arms just in case the Mini Mawes get a bit boisterous.

Why did it take so long for me to paint these minis? I went to visit family yesterday and had a great time...that is why.

Tomorrow, I'll have some finished pix to show off and maybe even a hint of the next part of the Tunnel Fighter project...who knows?

Do you remember the Dwarf Diver? If you do and you are interested in owning one, there is a nicely painted one being sold on E-Bay at the moment, that you may want to have a look at:

Dwarf Diver

It's being sold for charity (as you will see) so if you can bid, please do.

That is it for tonight...

See you through blood-shot eyes!

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Rob Alderman said...

Hahaha these are flippin great!

Attack moles, attack!!!!