Friday, 16 April 2010

Thankfully, it is Friday.

Having worked for 12 days straight and partaken in the consumption of a few sherbets last night, I am completely frazzled. That means I still haven't been able to work on my hobby but that is about to change. I have finished work for the weekend and I plan to catch up on some sleep and chill out with a bit of painting.

I have been slowly converting the last of the basic troops for my tunnel fighters...the heavy weapon troopers. They take a little longer than the usual troopers because they are multi-part miniatures even before I chop their heads off and give them new ones. Once they are fully converted, I will have the last ten troops to paint to complete the troops :)...once that is done, I will post a bit of an army pic (even though the command and character models are not finished).

So...what else do I have to talk about? VOLCANIC ASH! Yes, the last couple of days have been interesting in the helicopter world. When everywhere else in the UK was a no-fly area, our helicopters kept flying...for long enough to be told to stop and put them in the sheds! Today was the same so I have been driven mad by pilots keep asking whether they are flying or not...and I couldn't answer because I don't get paid enough for those sort of decisions! Lots of frustration and lots of stupid questions have been the order of the last two I am tired out.

That means I have been too tired for painting so that is why I have been doing slow time converting instead.

Anything else to add? You bet! I have noticed another couple of new followers (taking the tally up beyond my first 50!). I'd like to welcome 'Sean' and 'quarter=25'...WELCOME to Inso's World and I hope you find something to inspire or enjoy here.

That's it!

See you through the stupor!


Tom C said...

How about them 15mm Dwarfs? :) No ash here.

Inso said...

Don't tell anyone but I have some time off work so the diminutive fellows may surface again soon ;).