Sunday, 25 April 2010

So much to say Sunday (part2)

On with the second part of today's update.

To start the ball rolling, I have completed the Commander for my Grymn tunnel fighter's army:

Click the Pic!

The commander was one of those times where I just sat and finished the sculpting and then painted it in an evening. It's funny how some things just inspire you to finish them and others make you fell despair whenever you get near them. Speaking of things that demand to be finished, have a look at these:

Click the Pic!

I picked these little fellows up at Salute yesterday. They will be split up so that one can join each of the tunnel fighter squads as communications robots. I will be mounting them on bases and rather than them hovering, they will be scampering along with the troops at ground level.

So...the Salute haul or 'what I brought home from Salute'.

Well, I bought the little robots above and some nice little buggies from Ground Zero Games:

I received a gift of some aliens and sniper rifles from Hasslefree Miniatures. I also bought some aliens from Twilight; All available here:

I bought some sci-fi troopers and a gang member with a missile launcher from Heresy Miniatures:

I bought a small robot (that looked like one of the floating robots from the film 'the Black hole') from Black Cat Bases:

...and a couple of apes riding motorbikes from Fighting 15s:

not to mention a chain-gun artillery piece from Maxmini:

I also bought a platoon of Warwalkers from Critical Mass Games:

Finally (I think) I had a visit from Geronimo over at Fenris Games and he brought me my pre order of Deep Ones. The shop can be found here but the Deep Ones aren't in there yet:

I think that about covers everything. I know I haven't put up pix of everything but that would spoil the surprises over the next few weeks and months now wouldn't it?

If I've forgotten anything, I'll let you know soon!

So...once I've based the communications robots, what am I going to do next? I haven't decided yet but it may well have 12 wheels...who knows?

See you through the round window!


Anonymous said...

Aaarrgh! We Want PIX!!1!

Anonymous said...

(Oh, love the trenchcoat on the tunnel commander! And you bought the robots just to annoy Brandlin, didn't you? :D)

Inso said...

I spent most of the day painting yesterday and haven't even unpacked my swag yet!

I will get some pix done over this week but it will be slow progress.

...and I bought the comms robots because I always planned to have robot comms...these were the best ones and needed the least conversion so they had to be bought!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, just kidding. (Hoping to bait Brandlin! :D) Those bots are nifty!

Alan said...

"Hoping to bait Brandlin"

It wont work... i'm not reading this.