Friday, 23 April 2010

Ouch!...and a brighter note.

Today is a big ouch for me. First of all, I seem to have woken up with a trapped nerve in my neck which is not only quite painful but also limits the amount of movement I have in my neck...making it awkward for painting.

Next, I try to charge my camera battery...and the charger is not working. I pop into town to find a new one but there aren't there will be no more pix until a charger turns up from E-Bay (should be a couple of days).

So, overall a great start to the day...

...however, there is a positive note to today.

On the one hand, I was walking past a charity shop and noticed an interesting model kit in the window and popped in to see how much it was and whether it was worth buying. It was certainly worth buying and I came out with a 1/32nd scale Star Wars, Trade Federation Tank for the princely sum of £3-00! It was one of those kits that I had wanted to buy but was always too much money to warrant the expenditure (especially since I didn't have any plans for it). Now that I have one, I'll see what I can come up with but it is looking like it will end up as a troop carrier or dropship of some kind.

On the other hand...IT IS SALUTE TOMORROW!!!

I have my ticket, I have my train ticket, I have my 'stands to visit' list and will be working out what I want to look at and buy a bit later today.

Here is a link to what I'm talking about (if you aren't familiar with what Salute is):

I will be hanging around the Hasslefree Miniatures stand for most of the day so feel free to come and say hello...I'll be the skinny bloke with spectacles, grey hair and looking exceptionally tired...probably with my head tilted to one side if my neck doesn't decide to sort itself out by tomorrow.

What sort of stuff am I looking for tomorrow?

Green Stuff
15mm vehicles and walkers for use with Grymn
25mm vehicles
Hasslefree Stuff (I've pre-ordered some minis)
Heresy stuff
Conversion bits and pieces
Unusual stuff that draws my attention

I'll also be looking around at the gaming tables for ideas...looking at the painting competition entries...watching some of the demos...meeting people from the forums...generally enjoying what I missed last year by not being there.

Obviously, I'll be telling you all about the day in Sunday's update so I hope to see you here then!

See you through the excited glaze!

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