Sunday, 28 March 2010

Small...but beautifully formed!

Welcome to another Sunday update. Before I start, I'd like to welcome John Lambshead; our latest follower. Welcome John and I hope you enjoy your stay.

I've not got as many tunnel fighters finished as I would have liked this week. I have only managed to assemble and paint 3 and here they are:

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The reason there are only three of them is because I have run out of Grymn to convert! I have another bunch on the way from Hasslefree Miniatures so it won't be long before I am back in the saddle. Of the three above, two were used to complete the squad shown below:

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So I now have forty four Grymn tunnel fighters painted, with at least another ten to go. I reckon that once the new Grymn arrive, I'll have to knuckle down to get them finished before I am distracted by my latest little diversion...

...Speaking of diversions, I was in town on Saturday and happened across some 1/72 scale tanks on special offer. The kits were half price and each box held two models...I thought that they would be perfect for some of the smaller miniatures I own...see what you think:

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The miniatures in the pic are Kindred; available from Hasslefree Miniatures and the tank is still WIP. To give you an idea of how tall they are, they are mounted on 20mm round bases (not the usual 25mm ones) and they are about 2mm shorter than a Grymn.

Back to the tanks...I bought 5 boxes; a total of ten tanks! all for the princely sum of £15-00! I will end up with a command tank, three tanks with flame-throwers and six tanks with the standard armament. They will be supported by the Kindred; of which I currently own twelve...that will have to change!

On top of everything else, I have bought a few strips of shaped plastic to continue building up the defense robots and have been successful on a few E-Bay bids...not to mention a rather special pre-order that will remain secret until I have them in my hand and this space!

See you through the twitching curtains!


Mark said...

Well done! I like it a lot.


Tony said...

Again I agree wit Mark - very well done. I look forward to seeing how you convert them.

In addition I think the WW1 Hobbits from Hasslefree are superb, brilliant sculpts.