Wednesday, 23 December 2009


That is IT!

It's all finished!

I don't have to go shopping again for a good few days!

We have a nice Goose for Christmas dinner, we have all the trimmings ready to be prepared, we have all sorts of boozy treats and we have plenty of food in the cupboards to last us a good week (including venison, partridges, pheasants and all manner of less gamey stuff).

That means...I have time at home to chill out (until tomorrow because I will be prepping veg for Christmas day...I cook at Christmas, it is our own little tradition).

Now onto something more akin to what you would expect to see here (although...I wouldn't necessarily say that anything was particularly predictable in Inso's World!).

In a bid to prepare for Christmas, my painting area has been dramatically reduced due it being part of the dinner all that is on it is a bunch of plastic, two Grymn cavalry and my sculpting tools...not to mention two pots of paint and my painting tools.

...A bunch of plastic?

...What bunch of plastic?

...Weeellll...I'm sorry to say that I couldn't resist the urge to dig out my Indigenous Tyranid army. There are a couple of reasons I have done this; They are basic to paint, I really like the look of them, they are nearly finished, I am VERY tired at the moment and simple is all I can manage...and the whole world seems to be advertising the new Tyranids that will be coming out after Christmas so it got my 'alien building' juices flowing.

Now a muse is a funny thing. Sometimes it visits and hangs around to a point where you want to send it home! Other times, you sit there; waiting for it to call and it never does. There are plenty of things that can help a muse turn up but often a muse is an uncontrollable and unpredictable beast that turns up while you are busy and doesn't when you have time to burn.

Take the Cavalry for example. I have had the miniatures in the cupboard for at least 2 months. I knew what I was going to do with them the moment I bought them but I didn't have the muse so they just sat there. A week or so ago, the muse arrived and in a couple of days 'BOOM' one complete cavalry model and one half finished. Now you'd think that I was now in 'the Grymn cavalry' groove...but it would appear that the muse has deserted me again. Why? I have no idea but the thought of chipping away at the Baruk conversion just doesn't fill me with joy.

THAT is why I suddenly decided to go up to the loft and dig out my Tyranids again...hopefully, I'll be able to get them to a state where I am happy before I run out of muse...

I'm sure that there are people who visit my blog in the hope of seeing one or another project finished but I'm sorry to say that I have no control over what I do...I reckon that may be one of the reasons my blog is a bit different...frustrating, maybe...but different none the less.

See you through the tonal shades...


leonmallett said...

Always a pleasure to read your blog, Inso. And that notion of the muse is something I know well. I can attack big projects with an enforced deadline, but otherwise enthusiasm carries the day. And when that muse (read enthusiasm for me) is not there, then lots of bits of things get done, but nothing gets finished.

You outlined the feeling very well.

Inso said...

I think that in any artistic venture, inspiration and enthusiasm are the ball-and-chains at our ankles.

It is the reason we all have our lead mountains and our cupboards full of incomplete thing that we have gained from our lost muse is that we have put the idea out there...and that means the seed has been planted elsewhere so for every stalled project we have, there is someone out there who have taken our failures to the next level and have completed them...

...a muse is a wonderful thing.