Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sunday...Cut, Glue, Cut, Glue...

Something simple to fill the post today. I decided to just unwind a bit and do a bit of plasticard model making. I generally pick up a sheet, take a few measurements and go where the muse takes me. This time I wanted to make four identical APCs (well, as identical as can be had hand measuring and cutting). So far, I have got two to a stage where they are ready for tracks and detailing:

Click the Pic!

I want four identical hulls, two will be APCs that will carry 8 Grymn and a driver, the other two will have a small turret and carry 4 Grymn a driver and gunner. They will be a Platoon's worht of armoured vehicles, the APCs for the troops and the IFVs for the command and support sections.

I have purchased a set of tracks for the tanks (with more on the way) so I should have enough to finish 3, if not all of them.

So, there you have it. Cut, glue, cut, glue...helps keep Inso grounded :).

Well, it's only a short one today but I can be forgiven, can't I?

See you on the other side.

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Alan said...

Looking good Inso. Nice low profile and angular look. Has a certain "old crowiness" about it with the 'plates' so should fit in well.