Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sunday again.

Another Sunday and yet another lack of anything of any substance to post.

I am still suffering from Bronchitis and my attention span is still so short that I can hardly concentrate long enough to tie my shoes, let alone do much towards my hobby. All I have done this week is half-build two tank turrets. I have also managed to base coat the armoured part of four Grymn troops.

That is it.

Not a lot is it?

I've also tidied up an army list...

Well...there you have it.

See you when I see you.

1 comment:

Kobold said...

Sounds like you have the 'flu blues - "all this time off and I'm too sick to make use of it".

Treat it as an enforced break - read a book, watch some DVDs, etc. As you feel better, the urge to get back to model making/painting will grow. Trying to force it will just get you frustrated and depressed and then you won't get anywhere. Well, that's how it goes for me, anyway.