Sunday, 8 November 2009

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It's Sunday evening again and it is time for a bit of an update.

I have had a torrid week with one thing and another and as a result, I haven't had a chance to sort out the stamp for the 15mm guns that I was planning. It is a shame but that is life. I'm sure I will get around to it very soon.

I have been cruising the forums again and have seen one or two things that have caught my eye.

First of all, I was over at the WIP forum and saw an awesome array of scratch-built tanks that have fired my enthusiasm. As a result, I have ordered a set of track-links from E-Bay and when they arrive, I will be building a few tanks of my own. Why? Who knows? But it is an itch I will have to scratch before I get on with other things (whether it works or not).

Secondly, I was reading a thread over at the Forum of Doom about a Grymn army and how it should be organised. This, coupled with the scratch-built tanks, has led me to return my efforts to my own Grymn Urban army. As a result, I have just completed another section of close combat, jump troopers:

Click the Pic!

These will finish of the two squads for the platoon and what I have painted so far is now pictured below:

Click the Pic!

I now have a support section (four troops) and a command section (four troops) to go and that will be the assault platoon finished. That also means that I won't have to paint the camo scheme again (as I can treat these as an attached unit) so I should feel more inclined to paint more Grymn (which is always a good thing).

Currently, the support section has been based and the command section still needs to be. They are all little more than undercoated at the moment but that will change soon.

On to other things and I have a second To'ok on the painting table at the moment and he is looking extremely yellow. I just have to add the details and he is done. The Belog is getting painted bit by bit too. I have edged his armour now...but I have done litle more than add basecoats for the colours so far.

So...there you have it. It seems the sculpting bug has left me for the time being...but that is the way the muse goes, I'm afraid. Hopefully it will return soon so that I can finally finish the 15mm Dwarfs...

See you in the bar!

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