Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Tuesday and we're going over the top lads!

My son, with my help, has been building a WWI trench. The requirements were: Duck-boards, sand-bags, barbed-wire and mud. The base of this is cardboard, paper and glue; coated with kitchen paper and PVA glue. The sand-bags are Milliput (held in place with wood glue) and the barbed-wire is a coil of metal wire. It still needs paint and a few troops but this is what we have so far:

Click the Pic!

Due to my Renegade Miniatures order not turning up (I'll have to chase them...I don't think pay Pal sent the order through), I have copied and pasted a few pix of the net and will be helping my lad stick them to card for a few trench-dwellers. It wasn't the plan but it will still look OK.

Have I done anything else over the last few evenings? No.

(But it's worth its weight in Brownie points though!).

See you through the gas curtains!

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