Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sunday Bombshell!

What can I say? I've just had a bit of a bombshell dropped:

Click the Pic!

As you can imagine, I am a bit stunned at the surprising news because it wasn't planned. I am, however over the moon about it! Inso is on the baby trail again :).

The hobby has taken a bit of a back seat as a I doubt very much that there will be an update later due to the fact that my hands are shaking!

These are, most certainly, interesting times we are living in!

See you through the joy!


A Thousand Hats said...


If they're not planned they're obviously very determined.


Tom C said...

Yea sure you were working on the Trench. :) Congrats.

Arcturus said...

Congratulations guys

Kobold said...

Congratulations to you both and best wishes!

Inso said...


I'm hoping the shock will wear off soon!

I am overjoyed...but starting to realise the enormity of the situation...lots of changes but worth every one of them.

Kobold said...

Heehee. Too late to hit the UNDO button, now, I'm afraid :) A nice scotch and a sit-down helps ;) Even if you don't drink.

dwartist said...

It's always good to start a new miniature! Congratulations Steve. Best regards, David

Rob Bresnen said...

Good news- well done!

Inso said...

Thanks again!

The shock has worn off now and we are relaxing into the spirit of things.

inrepose said...

Well done, you now know you are officially not firing blanks :) Good luck, I have 2 aged 10 an 12 and they make life fun.