Friday, 23 October 2009

Mmmm...I'm not quite sure?...

Welcome to Friday evening in Inso's World. I am a little bit confused as to this first announcement so you'll have to bear with me.

First of all, I'd like to welcome BRUNA OLLY to my blog. Normally it would be a case of me hoping that a new follower gains something from my blog but I'm not sure that would be appropriate in this case. It seems that BRUNA OLLY is some sort of a performer who has joined almost every blog in the world for a bit of exposure. I doubt if she will even be visiting this blog and if she did, I'm not sure whether her English is good enough to take an active part in it (I could be wrong but seeing as my Spanish is terrible, I am just making that assumption).

That said, I looked at her blog and she seems nice enough so good on her for showing a bit of initiative ;).

So Welcome BRUNA!

Now then...something completely different. I have been distracted again by the need to finish stuff that I started an age ago. Well this guy had different arms in other pix but now the latest member of the Starship Crew is finished. He is called APE and is the latest civilian version of the Beetlebot 2000; he helps Sola with the mechanical duties and organising the ships stowage:

Click the Pic!

I haven't a clue what I'll do next...but I reckon I'll do something. the way, I have cleaned and prepped some of the Fenris Games bases that I received recently and they are very spiffy. I will have some pictures done for Sunday's update so stay tuned.

See you through the Black Hole!


Anonymous said...

He's excellent! Those arms make it totally clear what he's designed for, and his colours are just right for pseudo-Star Wars.

Inso said...


Anonymous said...

Shame you don't use tags. It'd be so much easier to fine old posts like this. I'll also have to dig even further for any WIPs you might have of it.