Thursday, 17 September 2009

There is no stopping me at the moment!

Before I star with the main post, I'd like to welcome Mark to the blog...Welcome Mark. Judging by your picture, it seems you may be here for the 15mm stuff!

Well, if that's what you're here for, then the fact that I now have 8 of the 15mm Dwarfs on the corks may be of interest:

Click the Pic!

I'm sorry about the slow progress but I have been having issues with sleep lately (insomnia is a bitch) and I just don't have my normal level of motor-skills at the moment so I am only doing the easy bits. That said, I am happy with the way things are going so far.

On to completely different news...the start of a Dwarf, deep-sea diver:

Click the Pic!

Gi6ers on the Forum of Doom said he'd like to see one and as soon as I heard the idea....I couldn't help myself!

I just hope I don't burn myself out too soon!

See you through the groovy, psychedelic,!


Tri3 said...

Love the work your doing on these guys. I hope you don't mind I put them up on my website and gave you credit and a link to your blog.

Inso said...

Thanks and I don't mind you linking to my blog...the more the merrier!

Tom said...


I added you to my Links page as well as the Blog article.

I am super pumped you are doing these.

I would love know how much a green would set me back to have sculpted.

At some point I am going to get into the miniature business and I am pretty sure it is going to be at the 15mm scale. Space Dwarfs would be a fun start to that.

Inso said...

Thanks :).

I haven't thought of prices for 15mm because...I haven't sculpted any yet ;)...

If I were you, I'd wait to see the end product first! They may be awful!

Thanks for the interest though, it's appreciated.

Mark said...

Hi Inso

Thanks for welcome! Good work on the greens and interesting blog overall.

15mm? Yeah well, I like interesting blogs - keeps the demons at bay.