Thursday, 6 August 2009

New Home Woes. 20th follower has come to join the fun! Welcome aboard Ajsalium!

Well, I warned you all that there would be less traffic for a few days due to the move...well, I am now living back in England so hopefully things should return to normal soon.

At the moment I have no web access at home due to BT being totally useless. After 8 days, they still haven't sent the right sort of engineer to our house to sort out the web connection...I am starting to get a little bit psychotic about it...

...luckily, I have nice in-laws who have allowed me a little time to browse the net so i thought I'd post an update.

What has been happening recently? Well, I have begun to unpack a few bits and pieces but have by no means got rid of all the boxes...I need more cupboard space!

I received a small parcel from Comet Miniatures with a pair of 1/35 scale Votoms kits and another 1/60 scale Scopedog diecast. I now have an assembled 'Marshydog' sat on one of my cupboards ready for whatever I decide to do with it.

I have unpacked all of my painting stuff and have painted the little blue squares on four more Grymn urban troopers and have suddenly realised why they have been sat in the cupboard for so long...LITTLE TINY SQUARES!!!

That is it really. Until I get web connested, I can't post pix and have not been able to do any I have been pretty bored lately.

On the plus side, it is great to be back in England again so hopefully my mood will improve!

Catch you all when I get more web access!


Anonymous said...

Not being an Englishman, I can't exactly welcome you back to England! But I hope you settle in soon and get comfortable, and the mob in khaki don't move you about again - at least for a while, anyhoo.

Have you scoped out a spot for playing with your air-brush?

(from planet Domaltu)

Inso said...


As for the air-brush...I need to buy one yet! I haven't had the time to do it yet. On the plus side, the new house has a huge kitchen so I will have space for a spraying area...once I buy one of course.

donna said...