Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunday Boredom...

I guess it's time for a Sunday update...and there isn't one.

All my stuff is packed away apart from my paints...but with nothing to paint, there is no point to them being out. I just need to pack my paints and a few little pieces and that's it...done.

One of the things about not having my hobby stuff to hand is that I get to think about things.

The Votoms Project.

I have chopped the lower part off the Scopedog pictured in the blog. In doing so, I have discovered that he can be disassembled quite easily. I have also discovered that the upper legs were plastic after all.

My plans have not changed though. I will need to make shorter legs, a bulkier 'skirt/abdomen' and maybe shorten the arms. The only trouble with shortening the arms is that they won't be able to reach around the chest (so the Scopedog won't be able to use a conventional style of rifle). the lower part of the legs will need to be completely re-made but I reckon I can just shorten the thighs and add a ball for positioning purposes so that shouldn't be too much of an issue. The visor will need to be completely re-made as well because it is made of a rubbery type of plastic that I'm not convinced will cast. It also means that I can add a bit of variety by making different ones for different weapon layouts.

I already have in my mind how I am going to make the pieces fit together and what joints will need to be made. Every joint will be completely loose so will need to be glued in place (there will be no pivots so without glue/pins, the limbs will fall apart). I am not making a toy, I will be making kits that need to be stuck together.

Grymn Bike Platoon.

I have a lot of Lego components set aside for this project. Currently I have enough for 8 bikes but if all goes well, more components will be ordered. I am saying no more on the subject as I have very fixed ideas of how I want to progress the project...and I want to keep the design secret until I have a finished product.

Dark Grymn Project.

The original grey faced Dark Grymn was only supposed to be a diversion from my normal painting routine. Instead he has become the focus for a small raiding force of Dark Grymn to be put together. I am not going to go too mad on this one but there will be 3 Grizzly Battlesuits and about 20-30 troops, with some form of transport to ferry them around in.

Resin Projects...Various.

The 6 Tiger APCs will remain packed, as will all of my Old Crow tanks, until I get my airbrush. I see no point in trying to paint any vehicles until I have a streak-free way of doing it. The same will apply to my 3 Pilum Dropships and my Phoenix Starship (which will need to be stripped, anyway). I doubt if they will be unpacked for quite a while...

Grymn Urban Army.

The close-combat platoon will get finished first. I plan on leaving everything else packed until I can achieve this. I need to finish the platoon so that I can move on to other infantry. The other infantry will have a simpler camo scheme that doesn't involve painting hundrds opf tiny little squares...otherwise I will go completely mad!

As for the army composition, I have all the units for a close combat platoon, 2 light infantry platoons, a heavy infantry unit, a Kindred scout unit, a Clanker platoon (Vulkan Walkers), a couple of support units and 3 Pilum Drop ships. I also have 5 Glaive APCs (which will be used by the light infantry - but I'll need to get a few more for other units). Apart from vehicles and tanks, I still need to sort out a command platoon and a few powered armour units (when they get released).

The Grymn Urban Army is my big project and it is likely to be the one that gets the most attention (distractions allowing).

Genetic Infantry Project.

Still ticking along. I have a good bunch of troops for the army and may be using the Halo Warthogs for a bit of transport for them.

Miscellaneous Projects.

I will eventually finish the stealth fighter, the BIG TANK and all the other scratch built stuff.

My desert veterans army (Grymn) will eventually get finished but I really need to sort out my Urban Army first.

All of the Macross kits need completing (however I plan to do that).

The Super Zaku Mega Robot Fighting Team GO! project will be worked on SLOW TIME...

That is about it for projects (I'm not even thinking of Tyranids, GW stuff, OGrymn squads...etc, etc, etc...)


It's only when you start writing everything down that you realise the enormity of everything!

See you on the Dark Side!

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