Saturday, 18 July 2009

Saturday Surprises!

Before I start all of the usual stuff, I'd like to welcome the newest follower of my humble Blog; Gaz.

...WELCOME GAZ! I hope you enjoy perusing my meanderings through the hobby world.

So, why a Saturday post this week? Well, I received a parcel that I wasn't expecting from my friends at Hasslefree Miniatures. Inside was a die-cast Scopedog in just the right scale:

Click the Pic!

I mentioned on various forums that I needed one for my future projects and Kev said he had one to send me with my next order...but I didn't make an order and he turned up any way! How cool is that? Well, not nearly cool enough as it happens. Why? Well a few months back there was a 'Sculpt a Kev' competition on the Forum of Doom. A 'Naked Kev' miniature was sent out to all those who wanted to take part so that it could be converted in what ever way you felt. I, like so many others, sent my conversion off to Hasslefree and waited for the response. Well, below, is the response:

Click the Pic!

Yes, that's right, everyone who sent in a conversion got their miniature cast! That means that I now have my first work 'In the Metal'! You can see a pic of my efforts below:

Click the Pic!

It is a future warrior wearing armour similar to a Grymn and armed with an auto-gun and never may become available in the Hasslefree shop in the future!

...So to say that I was awoken with a great surprise this morning was a huge understatement!

My huge thanks go out to Sally and Kev at Hasslefree Miniatures!

...By the way...Happy 40th birthday'd better have a great one!

Catch you on the sunny side!


Gaz said...

Thanks for the warm welcome. You're meanderings have been cool so far, we appear to share a similar love of battle suits!lol.

Anonymous said...

Hi I was wondering if you were ever going to sell that figure as it is awesome! Oh and i have found you blog very interesting to read.

Inso said...

@Gaz: Your welcome! I can only promise lots of battlesuits, Grymn, mecha and I hope you'll keep enjoying the blog.

@Anon: If you check out Hasslefree miniatures, they will be selling the packs from the competition soon, with singles following later. You should be able to get one from them at some point.