Sunday, 19 July 2009

Another Weekend Update!

I haven't really done much hobby stuff this weekend but I did manage to tidy up a few holes in the stealth fighter-bomber. As you will see in the following pic, I have added a little shape to the wings, filled the holes in the lower structure and fitted a bomb-bay. I've also tidied up the rear a bit and added vents to the rear exhaust area. I still have a long way to go but it is ticking along nicely at the moment:

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Now it's not very often that you come across fellow model maker in the work-place but it just so happens that the newest member of my team happens to be a collector of Alien model kits (from the Alien films...with Ripley in). On the other side of the coin, she isn't a very good model-maker (that's what she has told me...I don't know because I haven't seen any of her work) so I have been sharing advice with her. One of the things she is dreading is painting her large alien figures so I gave her an idea of what I would do and said that I'd knock up a quick paint-job at the weekend to show her how easy it could be. The next pic shows half an hour's work on a spare Tyranid miniature I had lying about. I haven't added any specific details (like colouring teeth, claws etc.) because the aliens in the films are pretty much monochrome and also, this was just a quick demo of what could be acheived with very little effort (and would show that with a bit more effort, you could get a very passable paint-job). Sorry about the poor pic:

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The whole process was:

Undercoat: Chardonite Granite.
Basecoat: Boltgun Metal.
Drybrush: Chainmail.
Wash: Devlan Mud.
Wash (in small areas): Leviathan Purple.
Wash: Devlan Mud.
Varnish: Gloss Polyeurethane.

No accuracy was required so it took very little time. I think that when it comes to painting the larger figures, an airbrush and a few extra watered down washes will be required to make the best job...but I think she'll be happy with something like this.

See you on the dark side!

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