Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Tuesday TERROR!

Well, it is Tuesday and there seems to have been some activity in the followers section so I'd like to welcome MrTeufel and Jenova Painting to our humble blog.

Why Tuesday TERROR? Well I happened to spy Inso's painting table today and aside from the 5 Genetic Infantry and two WIP greens, there were TYRANIDS!

Yes...TYRANIDS! It would appear that after an absolute age, Inso has begun digging his plastic horde out. He will be painting them in the publically chosen scheme (as shown here):

Click the Pic!

BUT...he painted the test Gaunt above before he got hold of the new Games Workshop washes so he has mentioned that there may be a slight difference in the shading because he'll be using the washes instead of watering down the standard paints.

Currently, Inso has 8 Gaunts on the table. 4 are undercoated in Deneb Stone and 4 are base coated in Bubonic Brown (which is a mustard yellow...for some reason?!?).

Well, that's it for today.

Catch you later!


Jenova said...

*waves* Thank you :)

Inso said...

Your welcome!