Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sunday morning and an early update.

Inso was obviously up early this morning as he has sent these pix of his completed Grymn Attack Copter/VTOL:

Click the Pic!

Click the Pic!

Click the Pic!

This particular VTOL is from Wolf Squadron and is the red section leader. In the last pic there is a Grymn to show you how big the VTOL is when up against the troops it is meant for.

The VTOL still needs varnish but is complete apart from that.

I suppose it will back to the Genetic Infantry now then...unless the Grymn bug has started to bite again...

Catch you later!


Alan said...

Hey Inso

I'm caught in two minds about what to say so i'll say them both.

1. A very fine job on assembling and painting this, I've had mine a few days longer and got no where.

2. You little git... you've done exactly what i was going to do with the nose weapon three legged landing gear and forward pods... damn you young man and your haste.

there, that got that off my chest!

Inso said...


Thank you!

You should know by now that when I get the bug, I don't stop until it is done...and I was never distracted by the drive/fan decision so it was always going to be easier to get started.

Also, all you need to do is look at the thing and it almost tells you to put a chin gun on and have the legs arranged like that...I didn't really have a choice ;).

I'm sure that when yours gets put together and painted it will look just as cool if not GET ON WITH IT!!! :).

Mr Teufel said...

Love what you did with this thing. Specially impressed by the painted windows. They really fool the eye.

Inso said...

Thank you. It is not something I'd want to do to a whole squadron as making all the legs from scratch would be very time consuming.

I am looking forward to what Kev comes up with when the kit is released.