Sunday, 8 March 2009

So soon?

I'd love to be able to tell you that I have dozens of new pix to show and a heap of new information...but I can't.


Inso hasn't sent anything through because he is being mother and father to his brood while his wife is poorly...and that will be for a good few weeks yet.

That said, he still has his work and bingo obligations so as you can see, life is being very hectic for him at the moment.

As I said last week, Inso had to go into the gas chamber, fire off a few rounds and revise his first aid skills. All went well and he shouldn't have to do it again for another year...he's very pleased as he really hates the CS gas (in his words, it is like trying to breathe underwater whilst having onions smeared in your eyes). He got teased about being a bit of a sniper...20 rounds in a 52mm grouping at 100m whilst firing from the prone position...not bad.

Well, what has he had time to do on the hobby front? He's finished the fire-team he started last week and has pulled the next one out of the cupboard to start on. He's also glued sand on the bases of all the finished ones ready for painting. Finally, he went over to GW and bought a bunch of War of the Ring movement trays and is using them as display bases for his Urban Platoons. He has glued a bit of sand on a couple and will be painting them up along with the other bases.

Has he taken any pix? No.

Has he got any further with sorting out a photo-tent and lights? No.

Is he going to pull his finger out and get something sorted soon? You bet he will!

Just not tonight...he has to go and call the Bingo!

Catch you later!

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