Sunday, 7 December 2008


Out of the blue, I received this pic:

These are the first two fire-teams for a new army. From what Inso has said, this army is going to be an urban assault army. They will be arranged differently to his Codex Imperial Guard Grymn forces and will be loosely based on British Army organisation.

The first unit (that the two fire-teams are part of) will be a Jump Assault Platoon and will be made up as follows:

Command Section (Lieutenant, Sgt, Communications Trooper and Gunner).
Support Section (Cpl, Gunner and 2xGunners with HMG)
Assault Section (2xFire-team of Cpl, 2xGunners and Gunner with Flamethrower).
Assault Section (2xFire-team of Cpl, 2xGunners and Gunner with Flamethrower).

Generally, the gunners will have twin assault pistols and all the troops in the platoon will have jump-packs (as shown).

There are plans to have Light and Heavy infantry platoons as well as walker squadrons, APCs and armour support.

Most of the miniatures are already bought but there are still a few bits and pieces to go.

Inso has more or less decided on the colour scheme but needs to get some different paint colours before he gets much painting done. I guess there will be a lot of miniature preparation/conversion in the mean time.

In other news, the flier has stopped for the time being but the Troll is progressing nicely. Unfortunately there are no further pix for the Troll as yet...but I'm sure there will be some soon.

It's Bingo night again tonight so Inso will be off calling the numbers a bit later. That will mean not a lot more progress tonight.

Catch you later!


Alan said...

Teal is the new black! ;-)

I should imagine that fire insurance premiums are pretty high anywhere this assault platoon operates... are you sure flamethrowers are a suitable urban warfare weapon?

You'll be guilting me into painting more of my grymn soon.

Inso said...

Flame a building, wait for what comes out and kill it with assault pistols.

Anything that survives can be cleaned up by the support squad HMGs.

I may adjust the weapons at a later date but...I have a LOT of flamers ;).

Guilt is a good thing when painting is involved.