Saturday, 15 November 2008

Saturday after a quiet week.

Well, this week appears to have been a very quiet one for the hobby tinkerings of Inso. I think this has mostly been down to a two day trip away from home. Nonetheless, he has managed to finish a few things and start a few others.

First of all, the Beetle-bots are now all based and awaiting a Sgt to lead them. Sgt Deathwatch has had a little more work done...and a little work removed so he hasn't really progressed much. On the Beetle-bot squad subject, Inso has started and progressed on their transport, a wheeled APC with a little turret.

The three aliens have had a bit more work done. The flesh has been washed with the armour and weapons washed and highlighted as well. Still very WIP.

The OGrymn has had his feet removed and work has begun to improve his proportions and make him look a bit more anatomically correct. It is still as WIP as before but seems to be going in the right direction.

Finally, a small squad of 6 Grymn Stormtroopers (heavy infantry) have found their way to the table and are waiting for Inso to decide on a colour scheme. They are currently undercoated black and based. They may stay like that for a can never tell with Inso! photos due to nothing much to show that isn't WIP. Hopefully, things will change over the next day or so. I guess we'll see, won't we?

Catch you later!

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