Sunday, 23 November 2008

A rather distracted week...

With all the things that have been happening with Inso this week, it is surprising that he has sent me anything to show off! However, he hasn't disappointed. Here is a WIP pic of the transport vehicle for his Beetle-bot Squad:

From what he has told me, he is looking to give it an 'A-Team' sort of stripe down the side but is not quite sure how he is going to do it...I'm sure he'll work it out!

Next up shows further work on Sgt Deathwatch; leader of the Beetle-bots:

As you can see, he now has an optical array and his arms have changed a little bit. Inso has said that he wants to have this finished and painted by next weekend...along with the transport. We'll see...

Finally, we have a WIP for the next squad in Inso's burgeoning Grymn collection. This one is a Sgt for the latest Stormtrooper unit. There is still a bit to go but it's a start:

As well as the above progress, Inso has assembled a model kit ready for conversion. I am not able to say anything else other than 'Support Flier'. Make of that, what you will.

Catch you later!


Mr Teufel said...

Cool. Looking forward to the support flyer.

I wonder... if you put more photos on your blog than in the relevant threads, then stated in your thread that there were more photos in your blog, would you get more viewers to your blog? Like, I would have liked a photo that gave closer views to your beetlebot sergeant weapon arms.

Inso said...

That sounds like a good idea.

At the moment I think I do get a fair amount of viewers but most people will leave comment on the forums if they are going to leave comments at all so I don't get the comment count here.

I also feel a little bit guilty if I use my favourite forums as a Blog advertising site.

The support flier is something completely different ;).