Sunday, 2 November 2008

More Robots and Something New.

Well it seems that Inso has had a bit of a busy weekend. He has sent me pix of two more of his Beetle-bots; Red 3 and Green 5:

So far, the Beetle-bots have been armed with: a pair of lightning claws, a flamer and power axe, a flamer and power hammer and a bolter and power axe. They are representing a Space Marine Sternguard Veteran squad and will be available to attach to any Inso's Grymn armies.

Next up is a bit of a curve-ball. This is a sculpt that came about as an 'informal competition' over at the Forum of Doom. The challenge was to take a metal miniature of 'Kevinicus' from the Hasslefree shop and dress him in what ever manner you choose. Being a Grymn addict, Inso chose to dress him in a slightly 'human-sized' version of Grymn armour. The addition of the beret was to add a bit of modern realism to the sculpt and helps to give the miniature a hard sci-fi look. The weapon is from the Hasslefree shop as well (so it won't have a negative effect on the competition).

So...what's the prize? Nothing except a pat on the back for the winner (and the slight possibility of the miniature getting cast).

Well... here is the sculpt/conversion:

Catch you later!


Mr Teufel said...

I really like what you've done with Kev. And I like your bots. They look really grymn.

Mr Teufel said...

Hmm. I can't comment with the OpenID function.

João Marcelo said...

You should do something between the butt of the gun and his shoulder... it looks a bit loose now...