Thursday, 27 November 2008

Meet Sgt Deathwatch.

It has been a while coming but here is a pic that Inso sent to me. It is the finished conversion of Sgt Deathwatch, leader of the Beetle-bots:

It is based on a Torsten miniature from the Grymn range at Hasslefree Miniatures. Inso has deliberately kept it fairly simple to try to match the style of the Beetle-bots. He is armed with a bolt pistol and power weapon and the funny lumps on the shoulder guard are antennae for controlling the bots. The eye-piece is supposed to be able to slide back on the rail to leave the visor clear (the downward view shows the rail and stop).

Now all that is required is a coat of paint and some sand on the base and the whole squad, including transport, will be complete. Speaking of transport, the Beetle-Wagon is now Matt and not Gloss so looks a whole lot better...but you'll have to wait to see it!

Catch you later.

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Mr Teufel said...

Awesome. Can't wait for the group shot. And I love his tonfa-blade.