Saturday, 25 October 2008

A Rare Update

I received a few pix from Inso today. First up is a pic of his OGrymn squad that has been in the process of paint for a good couple of weeks now. This squad is the final squad for his green army and as a result...Inso is very pleased to say that his green Grymn army is now complete!

So without further ado, here are Geezer, Burt and Charlton (named after Burt Reynolds and Charlton Heston):

You may notice that Charlton is a bit pale. He is actually an albino and will 'count as' an Ogryn 'Bone Head' sgt for the squad.

Next up is something completely out of the blue. I was almost expecting pix of more blue troopers but instead I received this:

Apparently, this is a Beetle-bot. It is a Grymn construct that is used to enter and clear buildings. The miniature is currently WIP and needs a few areas to be tidied up and a few details to be added. Not bad for something that started life as a Necron this morning. The good thing is that there are another eleven possible donors for more Beetle-bots.

Catch you later.

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