Saturday, 20 September 2008

Late September Already?

It's been a while but Inso has nearly finished his move and will be back to his usual antics very soon.

He has not sent any pix but assures me that he has been busy converting miniatures during his absence and will have lots to show off once he starts taking some pix.

In the mix are:

For a new army:
A converted Grymn infantry platoon (almost finished but a good WIP - that's 25 minis).
A converted Grymn veteran squad (almost finished and converted from Celtos Vanir - that's 7 minis).
A converted Grymn sniper squad (finished - that's 6 minis).

To finish the Green army:
2 Converted OGrymn (both finished).

None of them have seen paint or been based because Inso has not had any access to his painting stuff for a couple of months...but things will change soon.

Catch you later.

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