Thursday, 3 July 2008 it Thursday Already?

After a couple of days being a zombie whilst enjoying various basic pleasures (tea...with real milk!!!), Inso has at last begun to wake up.

Now, for those of you who are not familiar with the Forum of Doom, Inso is about to start a new journey in a few weeks. Not only has he been promoted but he will be moving to Northern Ireland. As a result, he has a lot of real-life stuff to be getting on with. HOWEVER...this hasn't stopped him thinking about hobby matters.

Since he has returned from the Gulf, Inso has started to sort through the mountain of lead that he acquired from Salute. He has also ordered various bits and pieces since then and done a bit of trading here and there so you can imagine the problems he will have deciding what to do first. As a stop-gap, he has returned his heavy weapon squad to his newly set-up painting area and has put some paint, water and brushes next to them to try to get motivated to paint them.

He has begun to sort out the Grymn horde that he has but due to the new releases of the helmet clad Light-Infantry, Inso's plans have completely changed so he has just grouped a few units together at the moment; with little thought to actually progressing them until the muse takes him.

Today, the boiler men arrived to replace a boiler in his house, so he has just begun assembling a few Fubaarni. Assembly work isn't too involved so it means that he can keep an ear out for what is going on with the boiler.

Well...that's the news for now. There may well be more very soon but things will happen when they happen at the moment.

Take care.

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