Saturday, 19 July 2008

The times they are a changing...

Things have been very quiet for Inso recently. He has been doing a bit of spring cleaning and has not only sold off his Cadians and Tyranids but has also sold off his High-Gravity Space Marine army; two of which are shown here:

...UPDATE...Image removed due to High Gravity Marines being sold.

As a result of rooting through his cupboards he also found some tired looking Tau that needed a bit of reviving so off he went to the shops and bought a couple of GW Foundation paints and one of their new washes. This pic shows a really dark miniature that has been coated with a light foundation paint, one that has been washed and then one that has been highlighted with the base coat:

This picture shows the starting colour and the final version of the re-painted miniature:

Apparently, the boots haven't been painted right so they have since been painted to match the fatigues rather than the plates...

...anyway, the purpose of the Tau was to try out the new paints and Inso says that he really recommends the Foundation paints and Washes from Games Workshop.

From the Tau paint-job a more simple scheme for the next Grymn army is being planned...there is no word on colours, style or look so far so we'll have to wait and see what he eventually comes up with.

Catch you later.

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