Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Wednesday; day of Catachan Green

Apparently, and I'll quote Inso here...

"Catachan Green paint is like painting with watered down choclate".

From that, you'll gather that he has been painting armour today. He hasn't got too far because of what he just said. He got fed up with the paint drying out so quickly that it didn't go on very well.

Apart from that...he has put his revised Salute pre-order into Hasslefree. Here are the new Salute releases (all the pix on the linked page):
He would also have loved to have pre-ordered some aliens from Black Scorpion but they aren't taking pre-orders. Here's a link to the aliens (scroll down to find them):

I would list his pre-order but it's mostly expected.

Apart from all that, Inso has been mostly surfing the web today so didn't get much done. It's great to be on holiday!

Catch you later.

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