Thursday, 24 April 2008's going to be a while.

It's Thursday and everything is set.

Bags are packed, the motorbike is in storage and farewells are in the process of being made.

This blog will be a bit quiet from now on as Inso is preparing to launch off into the wild blue yonder.

The next entry will be sent from the sunny Gulf and will be distinctly different to what you are used to. Not a lot of hobby and probably not a lot of anything else. Just babble to let us know that there is still life in the old dog.

Yesterday, Inso got a very nice little present from a friend over at the Forum of Doom. It was a packet of 10 little cavalry miniatures called Fubarnii. They have been made and cast up by a guy called Carcharoth and they really are fantastic. It was all Inso could do not to unpack his hobby stuff and get to work on them...but alas, real life is beckoning too loudly at the moment and he will have to wait until he gets back to start on them.

Well, that's it for now!

Catch you soon.


Anonymous said...

I can't find any "Fubarnii" on the net. Can you post a pic of the unpainted ones, or a link to an image?

Inso said...
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Inso said...

I deleted the last comment because of poor spelling ;).

I don't have access to any of my hobby stuff for the next two months.

If you talk to carcharoth (on the FoD), he may have some pix (seeing as he sculpted them).