Sunday, 20 April 2008

Sunday...everybody is home.

I would apologize for not posting over the last couple of days but I'm not going to because there is one word that will explain everything:


Inso's Salute thing goes like this:

Friday: travel up to stay with family in Buckinghamshire: takes 6 hours and everybody nearly gets killed by a lorry pulling out without looking.

Saturday: up at 6am, train into London, stand in Q-busters Queue for an hour and enter show. Do show and leave at 5pm to travel back to Bucks. Stay up until 12-30am trying to fix father-in-laws computer.

Sunday: travel back to sunny Cornwall.

So...the show.

What did Inso buy?

Lots and lots of Grymn, and some Kiergi from Hasslefree miniatures.
Some Aliens and weapon sprues from Black Scorpion miniatures.
Some Grey aliens from Copplestone castings.
Some Grey aliens from Griffin miniatures.
Some Dinosaurs from Magister Militum.
Some Dvarg (space Dwarfs) and a super hero called 'Armourdillo' from Black Hat miniatures.
Some plastic ACW miniatures from Perry's miniatures.

What else happened?

Inso met a lot of people from the Forum of Doom and put faces to a lot of names. They were a great bunch and lots of chat went on. He also met up with Sally, Kev and Neil on the Hasslefree stand and swapped ideas, shared chat and generally got on very well with them.

There was a lot of cool stuff on display. The action man scaled, radio controlled tanks were great (sound effects, smoke...awesome!). There were so many cool games going on that it was difficult to take them all in. Games of note were the Frothers gang fight, OP MARKET GARDEN (1/35 scale!), Wargods of Olympus (lots of big miniatures, and Wendigo) and all of the vast armies for the ancient wargames (from toy soldiers all the way down to 6mm scale).

There were people dressed up as Daleks, Stormtroopers, Stargate troopers, Romans and US army WWII. There were also a few of the fairer sex dressed in very gothic and 'interesting' pirate gear (there were some male pirates...but they weren't as noticeable!).

There was also a lot of new stuff on show...too numerous to mention (although the US power armour for Secrets of the Third Reich was very nice).

So.. a great day!

Catch you later.


Anonymous said...

When I saw how small Armourdillo was, I was quite disappointed. However, I can see him being a great special armoured Grymn = perhaps bomb disposal?

Inso said...

To be honest, I've not looked too much at the size...I bought it because it looked cool!

Hmmm...Grymn bomb disposal...