Friday, 28 March 2008

...What time is it?...

Hello again, it's Friday and Inso has returned from his travels a very tired little bunny. He couldn't sleep while he was away (being parted from his wife, sleeping in a tiny bed and listening to it squeak every time he so much as twitched meant that he didn't sleep more than a couple of hours over the four days he was away) so I doubt if much in the way of hobby material will be forthcoming.

While he was away he wrote two short stories...both related to Grymn. He has also started a twisted tale about Arthur who happens to be a bit of a murderer; on the quiet. They will be posted at some point but probably on the Forum of Doom (well, the Grymn tales will be at any rate) so I'll make sure I provide a link when it happens.

He also watched Serenity. Inso has always been surprised by the popularity of Serenity but after watching it again, he has started to understand some of the appeal. He thinks that the characters interact extremely well and there is a sense of family that few other films of this type manage to achieve. That means he's taken a shine to the film. He also mentioned that now he has the DVD he has started to look closely at the design of the Mule anti-grav sled. What that means...only time will tell.

He also watched the Johnny Cash film 'Walk the Line'. He has basically told me that if I don't watch this film, I don't have a soul. I guess I'll have to watch it.

So...what did he do while he was away? Lots and lots of military stuff. From battlefield assault drills to range firing, throwing smoke grenades, ambush drills, mine clearing (simulated...there weren't real mines. There were booby traps and a lot of loud bangs though!). He even got to strip and re-assemble an AK-47. He had a great time (even though some of the more 'interesting' briefings that he attended brought him down to earth, somewhat) but is physically and mentally drained at the moment and is looking forward to his own bed tonight!

Sheesh! All this effort just to go to the Gulf again. It's a bit like having to build your own fire just to stick your hands into it!

That's it for now.

Catch you later.

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