Thursday, 6 March 2008

Nearly Friday!

Just a short post pix...

Inso has painted a bit more on the command squad but not enough to take pix he didn't.

Plans are afoot to build two more Vulkan Battle-suits to make the first Sentinel squadron but painting the command squad seems to be taking precedence at the moment.

Salute is coming soon. That is the biggest UK war-games show and Inso is going to go there to get a few bits and pieces. He has downloaded the layout and has been making notes on where the stands are that he wants to visit. It is the perfect opportunity to meet people, see miniatures that he didn't know existed and get an idea of the scales of the minis that are on offer (on the web, scales are not always obvious). So if you go, you may see him...he looks like his avatar pic and will probably be hanging around the Hasslefree stand.

See you tomorrow!

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