Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Is it Tuesday already?

So, I said to Inso "what have you got for me today?" and he says, "I've taken a pic of my green Grymn army...will that do?"

What could I do but say "I suppose so...but you'll have to do better next time". 80 painted Grymn and 7 more started...not bad for a years work (amongst other things of course!).

Inso also told me that he'd done the bulk of the weapon conversions for the other 6 Vulkans; 3 now have las-cannons and the other 3 have auto-cannons. There is still work to do on the arms but they are mostly done. He hasn't assembled the Vulkans though, he's just converted the weapons for now.

So...onto the list for Salute. Inso will be visiting all of the stands but has a list of the ones that he needs to spend some time at:

Hasslefree Miniatures - To meet friends, view the new stuff, pick up pre-orders (mostly Grymn) and browse...probably buying more Grymn!
Black Scorpion - To see the new Aliens and weapon sprues and buy some, if there are any left.
Heresy - To have a look at the hell hounds and the sci-fi range (with a view to purchase some).
Old Crow Productions - To buy some hatches and look at the 15mm and 25mm tanks.
Scotia Grendel - To look at the Void, Kryomek and decals.
Ground Zero Games - To look at miniatures/vehicles in general.
Caliver Books - To look at Alpha Forge miniatures.
Black Hat Miniatures - They sell space dwarfs called Dvarg...they're worth a look.

Other stuff of interest: Battletech, AT-43, Halo clix, Monolith Games (if they can be found at Salute), vehicles in general, decals and anything sci-fi.

This year Inso will be looking around at a few of the games as well but has no intentions of joining in with any...that would involve him being sociable...

Well that's it for tonight.

Catch you later!

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