Saturday, 23 February 2008

Super Saturday!

What a day! Not only did the Vulkan Battle-suits arrive today but I've seen them and they are extremely cool (and appear to be perfect for little Grymn Sentinel proxies). They also appear to have been sculpted by Kev White (of Hasslefree Miniatures fame) so it goes to show that even when he doesn't know who's sculpted his miniatures, he knows what he likes when he sees it.

The pantomime rehearsals also went very well. Inso has nearly learned all his lines and will have them sorted by tomorrow...which is lucky because there will be newspaper reporters there to take pictures and gain tomorrow will be fun for him.

What else? Well it would appear that I was wrong about what Inso could achieve today because it seems that he has...only gone and finished the Grymn squad! Not bad considering he was at rehearsals for 4 hours today and being busy doing other things as well. Here they are, by the way:

Inso has a command squad to paint now and then the platoon will be finished. He must be keen because the next squad is already sitting on the painting table ready to be started.

After all that...I'm off for now. There will be more rehearsals tomorrow so I can't say what will happen miniatures wise so I guess we'll all have to wait and see.

Catch you tomorrow!


Mr Teufel said...

Great stuff on the Grymn - as usual. Your style is neat and effective.

Any chance you could show us what a Vulkan suit looks like, or where I'd find that out?

Security word: "oafggrr" the angry ogre. :)

Inso said...


Yes, I will post a pic of a Vulkan suit tonight.